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Desktop Repair Center in Kolkata- Experience At Its Best

Nothing can be more depressing than experiencing a desktop problem. It becomes even more difficult when it comes to finding a good desktop repair center. We, at doctor gadget, help you in servicing your desktop with exceptional service and quality. Doctor gadget aims at being the best desktop repair center in Kolkata

SHow do we achieve exceptional quality and service?

We achieve to be an exceptional desktop repair center in Kolkata by doing the following things:

Authentic parts

We believe in using good parts for longer use. This is the reason we have the policy of 30 days job warranty. The policy states that in a case where within 30 days if your desktop needs a repair gain we will fix it again, this time for free.

Quality in services

Our engineers are highly skilled, certified and have been taught the importance of quality which will be delivered to our customers. All of these combine to form exceptional service which we aim for.

Some of the other practices we follow are:

  • Transparency in repairing
  • Same day delivery service
  • looking over the glitch is free of costs
  • Online support

Frequent problems we encounter

We repair the desktop and the charge is from as low as 300/- only. The following are some of the problems we encounter:

  • Power issue
  • Burned SMPS
  • O.S installation
  • Data recovery
  • Issues with software
  • Failure in booting
  • Heating issue
  • Hard disk not getting detected
  • RAM error
  • CD/DVD issue

Much more than just a service centre

We do free pickup and delivery services ensuring that you save a lot of time. There will not be any charge for the transportation as it is on us. Consider it as a reward for choosing Doctor Gadget

Looking for the most efficient desktop repair center in Kolkata? Count on us today.